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 Decode Work takes you through the transformation that is happnening currently in the World of Work around technology, leadership and culture. Research shows that most HR leaders are stuck in the day-to-day operational activities an unable to leverage their time, energy and resources towards the strategic side of the business, - this hampers both their productivity and growth. Hence the aim of this podcast is to unlock your potential and take you on a transformative journey towards becoming a true strategic partner to your business! Join me as I discuss insights with global HR thought leaders.

Decode Work Podcast # 2

ft: Vikas Dua

In this episode called 'Transformation of Recruitment: Getting Ready for the Digital Process', you'll have a clearer perspective on the digital transformation of recruitment. The new world of work, post-COVID has accelerated technical changes that will impact HR from recruitment procedure to the use of analytics to drive its people function forward. With expert knowledge on bridging HR academia and corporate, Vikas Dua, an accomplished India-based HR and recruitment professional,  sheds light on the extent of this digital transformation on HR.
In this episode you'll hear:
  • How Vikar entered the HR space by sharing his experiences and learning.
  • His efforts in bridging corporate and academia by bringing students and experts together.
  • Vikar shedding light on the Academia curriculum not moving forward at the same pace as change and his solutions to such.
  • Issues in the recruitment process and the impact of change, including the shift in technology.
  • How the main transformation and future for HR is analytics and the need to become comfortable with numbers.
  • Vikar elaborating on the importance of introspection and understanding what you want by understanding who you are.
  • The importance of recalibration, reconnecting, reskilling at this point in time.
  • Advice for students and job seekers on how to approach recruitment, now that everything is gone digital.


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