Decode Work with Nadeem Khan

 Decode Work takes you through the transformation that is happnening currently in the World of Work around technology, leadership and culture. Research shows that most HR leaders are stuck in the day-to-day operational activities an unable to leverage their time, energy and resources towards the strategic side of the business, - this hampers both their productivity and growth. Hence the aim of this podcast is to unlock your potential and take you on a transformative journey towards becoming a true strategic partner to your business! Join me as I discuss insights with global HR thought leaders.

Decode Work Podcast # 1

ft: Abhijit Bhaduri

Today's guest is Abhijit Baduri, a global influencer. Forbes describes him as India's most interesting globalist and Linked refers to him as the HR expert due to his decades worth of knowledge on how HR and the world has transformed.


In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Abhijit Baduri, global influencer's, journey has begun and how his experiences across the globe shaped his vision on HR
  • How the world of work has changed after the pandemic.
  • The role of HR after the impact of shifting workplace and culture changes.
  • What are the intangibles of HR and how it’s the most precious part of a business.
  • What the normal was before the pandemic and to what extent the role of HR needs to shift.

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