Nadeem Khan, Brief Overview...


★ Global Industry Analyst, Author & Researcher:

I am the author of 'Introduction to People Analytics' and a contributor to People Management and Entrepreneur media. I study all aspects of The Future of Work including strategic HR, leadership, organisational strategy, culture, change management, employee experience, employee engagement, organisational development, learning and development, management and leadership development, HR technology, HRIS & HRMS. Specialised in ‘People Analytics & Strategy’ from a top 5 business school in the U.K., I facilitate leaders, teams & organisations to optimise the value ‘People’ bring to the ‘Business’ by empowering them to embrace data & People Analytics.

★ Keynote Speaker, Influencer & Workshop Leader:

As a ‘People’ thought-leader, I am invited frequently to speak at global conferences related to People Analytics, People Strategy i.e. Strategic Workforce Planning & HR Technology across the globe. I also assist organisations design & facilitate learning and development interventions to improve organisational performance. This also includes e-learning i.e. instructional design and delivery.

★ International Consultant, Advisor & Coach:

Passionate about helping HR practitioners get comfortable with people data & analytics; I am open to connections, conversation & I work around the below three themes:

► Organisational Strategy:

By focusing on creating an organisational strategy, I enable HR to drive change & transform their business. From cutting-edge research, I share key insights & methodologies on how to align & integrate the HR function to the overarching business proposition. With my insights on digital transformation, I facilitate the creation a people centric data-driven culture that enhances business performance.

► HR Transformation:

I work with organisations to start or scale their HR, Workforce or People Analytics capabilities & to address specific initiatives such as design (measures, matrices & analytics), technology selection, implementation & adoption.


► Leadership Development Coach:

I offer executive coaching to HR leaders who did not grow up in the world of big data, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence yet have to lead & manage in an increasingly data-driven environment where virtually everyone has access to analytics. I also coach People Analytics Leaders who often come from a technical background & have to now show up as HR leaders & learn how to manage change.