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Who is Nadeem Khan?

Nadeem Khan is a business author, keynote speaker, futurist, leadership coach and consultant in people strategy, digital transformation and the future of work.

Over the past decade, he has advised and worked with many of the world's best-known organizations, including Coca-Cola, Goeth Institut, Avery Dennison, PARCO and Avari International Hotels, on improving business performance through their people. 




► Organisational Strategy:

By focusing on creating an organisational strategy, I enable HR to drive change & transform their business. From cutting-edge research, I share key insights & methodologies on how to align & integrate the HR function to the overarching business proposition. With my insights on digital transformation, I facilitate the creation a people centric data-driven culture that enhances business performance.

► HR Transformation:


I work with organisations to start or scale their HR, Workforce or People Analytics capabilities & to address specific initiatives such as design (measures, matrices & analytics), technology selection, implementation & adoption.

► Leadership Coaching:


offer executive coaching to HR leaders who did not grow up in the world of big data, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence yet have to lead & manage in an increasingly data-driven environment where virtually everyone has access to analytics. I also coach People Analytics Leaders who often come from a technical background & have to now show up as HR leaders & learn how to manage change.


Praise for Introduction to People Analytics - A practical guide for data-driven HR

"A fresh look at the topic area, that shows how data can be transformational in driving strategic people decisions in organizations of any size. With a whole variety of case studies that bring to life how data and insight is relevant for us too – and simple, practical stage-by-stage advice on how to build a compelling evidence based approach. A game changing contribution to the data discussion."

James Madeley
HR Director, Portland

"The most fully comprehensive and pragmatic literature - which will bring every HR practitioner's thinking, knowing and doing to the level of a true Chief People Officer - ready to tackle the tectonic shifts required for building highly responsive, adaptive and agile organizations to compete at blinding speed."

Jeff Wellstead
VP of People, ONI

"Introduction to People Analytics has refined a new perspective in exploiting organizational data as a tool for performance improvement."

Dr. Danny Soetanto
Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Lancaster University Management School

"Understanding the world of data analytics can be daunting for any HR practitioner. However, Introduction to People Analytics is invaluable in understanding the purpose of data, how to interpret and analyse it and knowing how to pragmatically apply this effectively within your business."

Lisa Bailey
HR Business Partner, Aston Villa Football Club

"Whether you are feeling a need for change of your HR service provision, a different direction required, or just want to explore the art of the possible for HR, Introduction to People Analytics will really make you stop and think. "

Group HR Director, The LTE Group.

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